Melody (selfreflection) wrote in 1lovefellowship,


Hi everybody. I was here a while back askin' for prayers for my mom and dad. Well they're doin' better now and I just wanna say thank you to everybody that prayed for them. But now I'm back for prayers for my friends mom.

My friends name is Tasha. Her mom has had a rough life. She has had over 30 surgeries (brain, heart, etc.) and on top of it all has cancer. She has also been bedridden for years. Well she's a very sweet lady and now she's back in the hospital again. They say she's not doin' well and that she keeps sayin' she wants to give up and die. She thinks that nobody cares about her. I can't say if her other kids do or don't, but I know Tasha does. And she's not takin' it well that her mom is in the hospital. So if you can say a prayer for her moms health and recovery, Tasha and I would both greatly appreciate it. Her moms name is Rose Johnson. Thank you everybody. Y'alls prayers have helped before, I know they can help again! God bless you all.
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