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God is good! Do you know Him?

At this point in my life and prayerfully for the rest of my life, I am truly in love with God. God has brought me out of so many things. I used to think I didn't have a testimony. When I was a child, I would hear members of the church I attended in Florida speak about the great things God had done for them. I would sit and listen, but did not know what it felt like. I would ask God to show me his power, love, grace, and mercy. Little did I kmow, God was already working in my life. He was laying out the groundwork for things to come. As a teenager I went to church, but I was not really at church. I was more concerned with who was there and what we were all going to do after church. As I got older and went to collge, I started out good, fell short in the middle and ended pretty low. I was detached from the Word of God and entirely immersed in the foolishness of the world. I would see others around me getting what they wanted, they always had money, they had plenty of friends, and they always had fun. I wanted all of that and more. The devil had me tangled up in things I should have never even tried. It started with drinking socially at parties, club and bars. I then started to dabble in other drugs. I ended up with a man that I should have kicked to the curb a long time ago. He led me to more drugs. The drugs made me feel good. I thought I was happy. I was doing what I thought my boyfriend at the time wanted me to do. I lost all integrity, friends, etc. My family did not want to be bothered with me. I thought I was mastering the art of hiding who I really was. I ended up dropping classes and had the worst semester of my college career. I had three part-time jobs, had to try to make it through school, and above all, I was taking care of this man that claimed to love me. I was a mess! The wonderful thing is...God never left me. I left Him. I could have ended up dropping out of school all together, I could have become an alcoholic, I could have become a drug addict. I could have ended in a deeper situation than I could handle. God loved me through it all and brought me out! Hallelujah! It's great to know I was loved and I had people praying for my safety. Today, I have stopped drinking, I no longer do drugs, and I am seeking God's face daily. It's great to feel back in God's good graces. It's great to know I am truly loved..not that simple love that comes and goes...but TRUE, UNCONDITIONAL love. I thank God for all of His grace and mercy because it He didn't love me, I don't know where I would be. This journey is hard, but I know the rewards are great. I may not end up with the same friends, I may not have what others have, but I DO have joy and happiness in God. AMEN! I thought I didn't have a testimony, but turns out I do. I have a testimony each day I open my eyes :)

God Bless!
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