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One Love Fellowship Community
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This community will be a sounding board/prayer request/information sharing venue for people to share God's love. We love Him because He first loved us.

moderated by psychousagi

(p.s. Trolls and flamers will be booted and banned, no questions, no arguments, no exceptions)
10/40 window, 24-7 prayer, africa, alleyes manifest, art, bible study, big daddy weave, billy graham, bob jones, bridal paradigm, c.s. lewis, cece winans, charity, christianity, coffee, community outreach, dancing, dc talk, dead republic, delerious, dennys, diners, dirt, dogs, dreadlocks, drums, elijah, elisha, emcee noiz, evangelism, faith, fasting, forerunners, freedom, friends of the bridegroom, friendship, god, gospel gangstaz, gospel music, gourmet coffee, guitars, harp and bowl, heaven, highlander grog, hip hop, hope, ihop, improvisation, intercessory prayer, international house of prayer, internships, israel, jars of clay, jesus christ, john the baptist, judaism, kaldi's, kansas city, keith green, leadership, left behind, loquela, lou engle, love, max lucado, mentoring, mercyme, michael w. smith, mike bickle, ministry, missionaries, moravians, moses, music, ned flanders, newsboys, one thing, p.o.d., paradigm shifts, peace, pigeonjohn, pirates, praise and worship, prayer, prayer for the nations, prayer journals, pro-life, project86, prophetic words, proverbs, psalms, rebecca st. james, red moon rising, redcloud, redemption, rejoicing, revelation, sackcloth fashion, salvation, shadow of the locust, singing, sketchbooks, skindred, song of solomon, songwriting, soy, st. louis, steak and shake, strong's concordance, tattoos, teaching, testimony, the bible, the dead republic, the gospel, the holy spirit, the new testament, the old testament, the passion of christ, the purpose driven life, the simpsons, third day, tolerance, volunteering, widows and orphans, worship, writing

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